25-27th April, 2018
at the Bangkok Comic Con 2018
The Mahabharata Gods&Heroes team is trying to embrace as many ComicCons around the world as possible. We believe that its one of the most powerful events for people who appreciate the modern art of comic books. Who knows, maybe in few hundred years our mobile apps will be exhibits in museums as examples of outstanding masterpieces of 21st century artworks. Do you agree? Of course you do.

Anyway, we did it one more time! We spent the 25-27th April at the Bangkok ComicCon introducing young Thais to one of the most epic story ever told. Yes of course it was "Mahabharata: Gods & Heroes". Take a look at our team of 'apsaras"* with the golden dome, a time portal which takes visitors to the ancient times of Mahabharata.
*"apsaras" - divine heaven dancers in Hindi

Numerous cosplayers didn't miss the opportunity to take few photos with our "apsaras' and take a ride on our four horses chariot. They felt like they are riding the same chariot as Krishna rode for Arjuna on a Kurukshetra battlefield.

Some guests also got sacral Mehndi tattoos on them by one of our Apsaras.
That's an example about how Mahabharata project makes this world better and more beautiful.
The three days were filled with interesting people and cosplayers, smiles and photos, new movies and comic books, entertainment and concerts!
We would like to thank the organizers and guests of ComicCon Bangkok for such a memorable time, full of interesting talks and interviews!

Stay tuned, may be your city will be next!

Your Mahabharata Gods and Heroes Team!
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